Handheld Tester v1.1

Handheld Tester is a small bookmarklet which helps you to make websites which are compatible with handheld devices like PDAs and phones.

Does not work as expected in Firefox 1.5. waiting to be fixed...

Before there has not been any easyway to test your CSS for handheld-media except with Opera's Small Screen Rendering mode. However Opera's SSR-mode is quite awkward and it keeps the same viewing area as with normal pages. Therefore it is not so easy to see all the problems with your page unless you resize your browser window.

Handheld Tester makes it easy to activate your handheld CSS and restrict the viewing area to 210px wide area. Only requirements are that you have linked your handheld-CSS into your page with link-element, your browser supports standard DOM and you have Javascript activated.

Using Handheld Tester is very simple. Just drag the following link to your browser's linkbar and click the link when viewing a page with linked handheld-css.

v1.1 6.2.2006

Handheld Tester v1.1

changes: fixed positioning works now as expected, screen-media is properly disabled


Handheld Tester v1.0

Handheld Tester is not trying to do the same as Operas SSR or Daniel Glazman's Mozilla-version of Small Screen Rendering. Both of these try to make normal web pages without handheld-media specific CSS-styles to be readable with small devices. My HandHeld Tester solely depends on the author's own handheld-specific CSS-rules and only shows the page with handheld CSS activated and on an area which is close to the size of a typical handheld device.

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